Mark Lesinski

Welcome to my personal website. My name is Mark Lesinski. I own several small businesses in the Buffalo New York area. I am a husband, entrepreneur, volunteer, business executive, and a college graduate. I enjoy spending my time with my family, business associates, and those I serve in my volunteer capacity. When not busy with the three main areas of my life I enjoy the outdoors, learning, working with alumni, cars, and working out.

My partner and I opened TVCity in 2008 and have grown ever since. Between he and I, we have over twenty years of business management experience. We both have additional skills in the day to day operations of running a business, and we understand how to give our customers the answers to their questions, and helping them find the right solution for their needs.

Having been bitten by the self employed business owner bug, I have expanded my holdings to include LMR Capital LLC of Buffalo, a property management business, and an SW Investor Group LLC a private debt management business. I definitely believe in having more than one revenue source as a hedge for the cylical nature of businesses. I have learned in classes that businesses typically have peaks and valleys. Rarely does a business coast on a smooth road in earnings, and as such when one of my businesses hits a low, another hopefully is hitting a peak.